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Class Results

Below you will find the TOP TEN winners from the  Classic Stallion Sweepstakes class held at the 2014 Congress along with the sires of these incredible foals ! 
Thank You to the owners of these beautiful foals for exhibiting them and congratulations on your placings.
Thank You to the owners of the sires for donating breedings to your beautiful Stallions.  We hope to follow these special foals as they continue their winning in the years to come!
Congress Champion
Congress Rs. Champion
Fall-Farm Bullet Proof
owned by:
Charity Horne
Spirit’s Rock E Twister
owned by:
Falling Leaves Farm
Ponyville San Antonio Rose.jpg
Ponyville San Antonio Rose
owned by:
Bellia Wheeless
Ponyville Texas Playboy HOF
owned by:
Ponyville Shetlands
Ponyville Jedediah Smith
owned by :  Amy Graham or Sally Howard
sired by: Ponyville Texas Playboy HOF 
owned by : Ponyville Shetlands
If you see a foal that you like, or a few, take a look at the nominated stallions and see if thier sires are being offered. If not, remind those owners to get involved quick!