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The Sweepstakes is a program for stallion owners to promote their stallions, and their offspring. The majority of these stallions do not stand to outside mares except through this program.

Cost to nominate a stallion is $200

 For that, the stallion owner (or manager) may designate a mare and a 2nd breeding to that stallion is put up for auction in an online auction, so stallion owners must be willing to take in an outside mare. They may also bid on their own stallion, which would allow them to have 2 foals eligible to show in the ASPC Classic Sweepstakes Class the following year.


All $$ are put in a pot (-5% for fees) and paid out to the top 10 foals in the Sweepstakes class (along with top 3 winning stallion owners) held at the Shetland Congress.

Payouts can be substantial, depending on the number of stallions nominated, and how robust the bidding is!

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